Shin gi tai

About Us

The Hokubu Dojo (formerly Red Dragon) was formed in May 2001 to promote Shotokan Karate in Swords and the surrounding areas of North County Dublin, hence the name "Hokubu" which means "Northern area". Hokubu Dojo is a Non profit organisation.The club is based at a full time facility in Unit 8 Seatown Business Campus, Seatown Road, Swords.

We practice Authentic Traditional Japanese Karate as taught in Japan. We run classes to cater for all age groups,from beginners to advanced, junior to senior. The minimum age is 4 years and there is no maximum. People who train regularly at Karate develop improved motor skills, balance, self awareness, confidence, self defence and above all a great level of fitness.Karate training is widely known as the best form of all round fitness.We are a community based club and believe Karate is for everyone and not just for competition. We do have regular competition for those who are interested.

All Hokubu Dojo instructors are fully trained in the latest training methods, using correct bio-mechanical principles. All Hokubu Dojo students are members of the Japan Karate Shotorenmei, and all grades are registered in Japan. Black belts can qualify as registered instructors, referees and grading examiners.

Our Chief Instructor is Dermot O'Keeffe. Dermot Sensei is a 6th Dan Black-belt and has been training since 1979.In this time,he has competed & achieved great success,at the highest level on the National & International competition circuit.Dermot sensei travels regularly teaching and training with senior JKS Instructors,and annually to Japan, to train at the JKS Hombu dojo in Tokyo. Joining HokubuDojo, gives you the opportunity to train with one of Irelands best -most experienced and open minded instructors. Dermot Sensei in also Leinster Kata coach for ONAKAI.(irelands Official governing body for Karate)

Why You Should Choose Hokubu Dojo Karate

Choosing a karate school (dojo) is a very important first step for every karate student. You need to be sure that you find the place that is right for you and for your family. Hokubu Dojo provides a dojo environment where the training is serious but the atmosphere is friendly and supportive. Each student at Hokubu Dojo is able to progress at his or her own rate. At Hokubu Dojo, a student’s rate of advancement depends on personal ability and, more importantly, on their level of commitment to training.

Why is Karate more popular than ever? It goes without saying that we live in a society which can often attract unwanted danger and situations out of our control. Constant practice of Karate teaches a student to react naturally should they need to defend themselves. In children, discipline is often a popular attribute a parent may want their child to learn. Parents, more importantly, want their children to learn self-defence and a means to protecting themselves if necessary.

Children often enjoy the fun aspects of Karate such as Sparring, agility games and pad work. Youngsters also love to learn and perform Kata, allowing the more creative students to express themselves freely.  

And Karate may even become an Olympic Sport in the very near future which would allow any aspiring student to channel their talents towards those areas whilst at the same time learning to protect themselves.

Hokubu Dojo is affiliated to JKS (Japan Karate Shotorenmei), O.N.A.K.A.I. (Official National All-styles Karate Association of Ireland) and the European & World Karate Federations (EKF & WKF).

For further information please contact Dermot O'Keeffe Sensei at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him on 0878073885.